Hacky Sacks

*** Important update as of 5/5/2017 –> I’m not accepting additional orders for the remainder of this trip. I need to finish filling the current orders, thank you for understanding. There will be future opportunities for sponsorship. ***

Thank you for joining the adventure. If you are here to learn about how you can personally get involved in the journey, keep reading. If you simply want to see video of my travels, slide over to Argentina to Alaska or visit my YouTube channel.

Let me dissect the dream to illustrate how instrumental each and every fan is. The short term goal is to make a memory of majestic views while meeting interesting individuals and giving out handmade hacky sacks. The long term goal is to capture the entire process in a documentary, highlighting the common threads between humans. Hacky sacks are a symbol of community and serve as a vehicle for the documentary narrative.

You have the opportunity to directly contribute to the project by sponsoring a hacky sack for someone along the way. For $15, I will crochet a hacky sack, and give it to a soul somewhere between Argentina and Alaska. Upon passing the token of my gratitude, I will take their picture. Then, along with the photo, I will send a summary of the encounter to the donor. Check out the example below.


“This is Donavan. He is six years old. I met him this past July at a family reunion. He was playing with bunchems, a toy I’d never seen before, and I asked him to show me how they work. Donovan was inquisitive too, but about something totally different. He asked me, “are you a boy or a girl?” I chuckled at his frank questioning and said I was a boy. He wondered why I have long hair if I’m a boy. In that moment, I wanted to break down the dichotomy of gender norms that society deems acceptable. Instead, I told him, truthfully, that I am growing it out to donate it, and if he wanted long hair too, he shouldn’t let being a boy stop him. The encounter offered an opportunity for self reflection and reminded me of my hacky sacks. I’ve seen people raise their eyebrows when I crochet; it might strike people as odd, but that’s because they don’t see the end game. I ran out to the car and returned with Donovan’s very own hacky sack. He loved it. Hacky number one.”

The hacky sacks are durable, made of a nylon/acrylic thread mix. They are filled with 6mm airsoft pellets and weight approximately 57 grams. Here is a stopmotion video of the creation process! Scroll down to sponsor.

I reserve the right to give away a hacky sack to the person of my choice. Orders placed in 2016 will be fulfilled by December 31, 2017.  If you have questions, email me at sales@idowty.com

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