22 laps around the sun

Everyone should read Tuesdays with Morrie. You could stop at this point and go buy the book, but if you need further convincing, here’s why.

Exactly as the cover states, it’s a book about “an old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson.” Morrie imparts his wisdom to all who listen, addressing regrets, love, family, money, culture, and death.  I don’t presume, in my twenty-two laps around the sun, that I’ve acquired the insight of an elder; however, there is one application of this memoir in my life that I’d like to share.

Morrie references a hibiscus plant in his study to illustrate the simplicity of life. “We think because we’re human we’re something above nature. We’re not. Everything that gets born, dies.” My eyes took a break from the text and fell upon a beautiful hibiscus plant out the back window. I was house sitting and taking care of the dogs while my mother and step-father were away. In other words, I wasn’t expecting a book about life to reveal a truth using the very flower which grew ten feet away. People might shrug it off as a coincidence, but it felt as if Father Time tapped me on the shoulder to emphasize the importance of that moment. I decided to make a timelapse of the flower blooming.

It took three attempts. The first two tries failed because I didn’t realize the buds bloom during the night. Without a flash or extended battery, the quality was less than stellar. Take a look.

Perhaps there is some sort of proverb/philosophy to pull from this clip, such as: “If your dreams only come to life when sleeping, you’ll wake up one day wishing you were dead.” That strikes me as a bit melodramatic. Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. Some people wait around for life to bloom like I did the first two tries, but they are searching for the wrong thing, at the wrong place, or at the wrong time.
  2. I expected the bloom to be the best part, but found I was more fascinated by the insect. People who anticipate grandeur or are consumed by an expected outcome are likely to overlook the beauty that’s all around.

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