This photo deserves a more in-depth discussion than it received on Instagram. Here is the short blurb that accompanied it on social media: “Morning contemplation. People make different assumptions about both men in the photo. Then, they form judgments about intelligence, skills, predilections, and vices based on their assumptions. You never know who you will run into in this world; be kind to your cohumans.”

I’m just now at the age where I have sections of my life, for instance, the high school persona, then college persona, which I would even separate into the first two years and last two years. In each portion of life, the essence of “I” was totally different. Sure, there are still traits from the past that shine through my older self. But it’s the idea that when I meet someone, even for five minutes in line at the grocery store, they have no idea who I was two seconds before “hello.” I get this odd feeling, sometimes sickening and other times exhilarating, because their mind will take a tiny bit of data and paint an entire picture.

Here is the treasure of contemplation, if you were looking for one. There is nothing that the man on the right has thought that the left hasn’t. The man in the orange hasn’t done anything the man in the coat hasn’t. Yet in society, I feel a difference. People think the right is more educated and cultured. They think the left is a harder worker when the right feels entitled. They think the left objectifies women and the right isn’t interested in women. They see the left as dirty and right hasn’t touched dirt since age eight. Simply put, society would have you believe that these two men couldn’t be friends, much less the same person. Note, not all assumptions are negative, but that doesn’t make them true.



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Crossing off things on my bucketlist as I tumble through time.

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