noun – (in ancient Greece or Rome) a course for chariot or horse races.

The horse playing horseshoes is a social critique. Too often, people throw away a piece of themselves to level up in society, win points with coworkers or cohumans. Life is a race of sorts: “The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself.” Don’t pay too much attention to the spectators or those racing next to you, trying to cut you down.

Content appearing in the hippodrome is a recipe of original material and intellectual property of individuals I appreciate. Here you’ll find anything from videos to pieces of art and literature. Make of it what you will. I cannot always relay the author’s intent on a particular post; however, I offer a starting point for dialogue and self-reflection.

The quotation above is taken from Mary Schmich’s 1997 Chicago Tribune article. It was popularized in song form, most commonly referred to as, Wear Sunscreen.


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Crossing off things on my bucketlist as I tumble through time.

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